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Pamela currently resides in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, but was raised in rural western Montana. She grew up riding horses with her best friend, and longing to be a cowgirl! 

Pamela got her first guitar at 15 and hasn't looked back. In the early days, she learned by playing country classics like Rocky Top and Tennessee Waltz, but soon discovered the joy of overdrive and power chords. She joined a rock trio in the early 90's and played lead guitar and wrote originals for the band. They toured for a short time and got some radio play around Montana. Hearing her music on the radio was all it took; she was hooked! Songwriting became a creative, and an emotional outlet for her. 

She left Montana on a new adventure, and moved to DC in '98. She soon decided go into law enforcement, joined the police force in 2000 and had a rewarding 20-year career. 


Having completed her tour of duty, Pamela now hopes to pursue music on a full-time basis. She's recently been busy writing and learning new styles of playing. She's returned to her roots and predominately writes country tunes, but occasionally throws in something bluesy, rock, or folk, depending on the subject matter. 

Her songs tell stories, mostly hers. She hopes to connect with like-minded players and artists on collaborations, and looks forward to this new chapter in her life. 

She writes: 

"Thank you to all my fans, and everyone who takes an interest in my music. These songs speak to me on a very personal level, and when they connect with others, it means the world!"

         - Pamela

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